LGM 2010 day 1

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A new year begins at LGM and many exciting are planned.

Extending Python for speed

Martin Renolds, mypaint developer
– 80% pyton
– 20% C++

What python for ?

python nice to compact code

  • good for GUI
  • tiles
  • motion event (graphic tablets)

but drawback

  • pixel manipulation
  • low-level algorithm


SWIG probably the best tool for extending python
h2defs.py =>C and pygtk
SIP=> C++, Pyqt
but complex issue with SWIG => Use Python/C API, support that SWIG too

Other tools

Oprofile analyses the systems to check for execution times

debugging with gdb
gdc /usr/bin/python
run program.py

code samples


start new project extend pythin, not embed python

A Fully GEGLed Gimp UI

Peter Sikking


  • all the inside code of Gimp
  • completely changed last years
  • is now integrated into Gimp

What kind of UI for integrate GEGL into Gimp ?

graph based editing : NO because that’s visual programming

need on focus on activity : image and its result : not the process
but Layer needs operations : so we could have a manipulation dialog (colorise, curve…)
=> Non destructive editing
as we have layer
– visibility, we can have operation visibility
– reorder layer => reorder operations
=> ther won’t be no adjustment layer, which is an abuse (“the hack of the 90s”)

the purpose is to not force the user to the constraint to use one workflow model

Only users decide to create layers

  • no pasted layers (paste will be an operation of the layers which it is pasted to)
  • no auto text layers
  • no adjustment layers

May question on this is will there be any sharable masks so that you can edit on one and it updated the similar if meant to ?
that would be great
because anyone is not comfortable with layers

other interesting workaround

Paint with anything (noise, effect…)
operation (adjustments) with anything
clone will be paste as clone
=> so pasting and painting operation will become central (and as operators they will be dynamic)


  • image editing
  • nathive.org
  • python + GTK

Based on plugins

Without plugins, it is empty except

  • tool options window
  • swatch bar
  • inside python interpretor

I was doing with Alessandro a workshop about Scribus scripting for graphical tasks so and the meeting-people schedule is being to be charged 😉 Join as soon as you can !

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