LGM 2010 : day 2

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Unfortunately i didn’t have much time because i was involved myself in many meetings.

But i spend lots of time in several workshops and BOFs. It seems that Professional graphic designer using FLOSS are ready to join and promote their tool. The BOF propose by me and yemanja full of around 10 people, much better than me facing to myself last year :).

Some crew will join Scribus team to help them improving the UI. Please remember Scribus team is very small with 7 people, and actually only 2 active. So i hope these involvement will help the core developer concentrate on the stability.

Some conference were huge. I’m thinking about Laidout, some kind of Scribus concurrent. Even if i would not use it for my own workflow it has really original features that you can’t find nowhere. It worth the download.

I was also glad to see diffusion curves in action. There are some bundle to download, but not stable with linux. I’m really impatient to get them in Inkscape.

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