LGM 2010 : day 3

  • Anglais

A very busy day again. I’m beginning to feel sad because i already know i won’t be able able to spend time with some nice guys. eeh, i’ll need to go next year again. Anyway the first important thing is that the graphic designer meeting has turn to the LibregraphicFoundation subject. last year, Louis, Prokoudine and I tlaked about this already, but this year it might happen. It has been announced and will be done before september. Cool.

Nodebox : Awesome!

  • language programs an output
  • python
  • can do animations

download Nodebox at : beta.nodebox.net

Two years ago, i demonstrated the advantage of nodebase system for artist and , even if, Cyrille Berger worked a bit about it, nothing much had happened unless ramenHD. Gimp guys thinks its old school GUI. And Gimp guys says that Node UI is ’90s :) In fact i don’t when it comes from (layers come frome 80’s :) ) it’s just practical, much more than layer it seems they don’t want to leave.

Today, it demonstrates exactly why it still not be old school, at least for artist that can hardly program, because node base editing

  • is more advanded and fluent than layers
  • is a GUI programming tool so that you can use primitives without understandinf all the magic of programming (which adds more magic to me)

Many examples, some of them are bundled with the software package

  • live interaction with rendering
  • can parse SVG
  • Do with code gives garbage that can be reexecuted and rerun
  • color generator (try with “panther”)
  • conceptual graph on a word with keywords
  • Exchange with processing

Helps to answer on how to teach programming to art students with nodebox because it’s visual.

Scribus (peter linnell+Franz)

March 2001, Franz Schmidt
Write a PageMaker importer ? at the begin ?

Features of 150

  • pattern strokes(color>stroke>pattern) : can change properties to change the offset angle
  • pat effects
  • Mesh gradient including Ai import
  • new importer (xar, xfig, ai, idml)

How i made a book with scribus (Marcus Holland-Morris)

  • use custom tag import
  • select compression method quality and method for each image (really great, Indesign should take this idea too)
  • caching system added to speed up (january)

In fact, Marcus book is really nice, and colors are really good. It’s a pity he was complaining about some scribus functionallities. But since he commited patch that are included in Scribus now, the workflow is improved with new interesting stuffs.

Shoebot : Ricardo Lafuente

code image in simplified python code started from nodebox and drawbot
command line interface
modular architecture
python and easy


(alexander prokoudine, wonderfull guy that helps in several project and that administrate libregraphicsworld.org and does really nice photos)
start february 2009
workflow tuned
– 32 float bit/channel in Lab or LCH (for simpler tasks)
– export exr
Photograph orientate tool
based on some new gimp stuffs
mzny plugins already
nice effects manage with nurbs, changind color from color swatches,
Can do presets for batch
Future : more plugin, API

LGM 2010 : day 2

  • Anglais

Unfortunately i didn’t have much time because i was involved myself in many meetings.

But i spend lots of time in several workshops and BOFs. It seems that Professional graphic designer using FLOSS are ready to join and promote their tool. The BOF propose by me and yemanja full of around 10 people, much better than me facing to myself last year :).

Some crew will join Scribus team to help them improving the UI. Please remember Scribus team is very small with 7 people, and actually only 2 active. So i hope these involvement will help the core developer concentrate on the stability.

Some conference were huge. I’m thinking about Laidout, some kind of Scribus concurrent. Even if i would not use it for my own workflow it has really original features that you can’t find nowhere. It worth the download.

I was also glad to see diffusion curves in action. There are some bundle to download, but not stable with linux. I’m really impatient to get them in Inkscape.

LGM 2010 day 1

  • Anglais

A new year begins at LGM and many exciting are planned.

Extending Python for speed

Martin Renolds, mypaint developer
– 80% pyton
– 20% C++

What python for ?

python nice to compact code

  • good for GUI
  • tiles
  • motion event (graphic tablets)

but drawback

  • pixel manipulation
  • low-level algorithm


SWIG probably the best tool for extending python
h2defs.py =>C and pygtk
SIP=> C++, Pyqt
but complex issue with SWIG => Use Python/C API, support that SWIG too

Other tools

Oprofile analyses the systems to check for execution times

debugging with gdb
gdc /usr/bin/python
run program.py

code samples


start new project extend pythin, not embed python

A Fully GEGLed Gimp UI

Peter Sikking


  • all the inside code of Gimp
  • completely changed last years
  • is now integrated into Gimp

What kind of UI for integrate GEGL into Gimp ?

graph based editing : NO because that’s visual programming

need on focus on activity : image and its result : not the process
but Layer needs operations : so we could have a manipulation dialog (colorise, curve…)
=> Non destructive editing
as we have layer
– visibility, we can have operation visibility
– reorder layer => reorder operations
=> ther won’t be no adjustment layer, which is an abuse (“the hack of the 90s”)

the purpose is to not force the user to the constraint to use one workflow model

Only users decide to create layers

  • no pasted layers (paste will be an operation of the layers which it is pasted to)
  • no auto text layers
  • no adjustment layers

May question on this is will there be any sharable masks so that you can edit on one and it updated the similar if meant to ?
that would be great
because anyone is not comfortable with layers

other interesting workaround

Paint with anything (noise, effect…)
operation (adjustments) with anything
clone will be paste as clone
=> so pasting and painting operation will become central (and as operators they will be dynamic)


  • image editing
  • nathive.org
  • python + GTK

Based on plugins

Without plugins, it is empty except

  • tool options window
  • swatch bar
  • inside python interpretor

I was doing with Alessandro a workshop about Scribus scripting for graphical tasks so and the meeting-people schedule is being to be charged 😉 Join as soon as you can !

LibreGraphicsMeeting : campagne de don

    Comme tous les ans, le libregraphicsmeeting va avoir lieu. Comme tous les ans, l’équipe fait appel aux dons pour participer aux trajets des développeurs venant de loin. Cette année, le LGM aura lieu à Bruxelles. Les années précédentes, il a permis de véritable avancée car il est chaque année l’occasion de discussion entre développeurs qui en profitent pour mettre en place des projets ou prennent connaissance d’autres projets intéressants dont ils n’avaient pas connaissance. Il y a 3 ans, le tiff avec clip-path permettant un meilleur échange dans les images prépresses; il y a 2 ans, Phatch et FontMatrix faisaient leur entrée. L’an dernier a été lieu de nombreux peauffinage, pour Gimp par exemple. Cette année s’annonce merveilleuse encore. Si vous avez quelques pièces jaunes de côté, ça peut aussi servir à ça.

    Click here to lend your support to: Libre Graphics Meeting 2010 and make a donation at www.pledgie.com !